Northcape 2000 Overview

The Northern countries really attract us so much indeed!
A year later our delightful adventure in Iceland, we are on the road again on July / August with the purpose of reaching the famous North Cape, in Norway.
Self-made journey again: only us with our 4-wheels TOYOTA Jeep fully packed up with food, clothes, cameras and lots of music cds.
The one who want to reach the “Top of Europe” usually travel over Norway and then back through the same route.
We decided to face a more longer journey. From Italy we crossed all Germany up to Denmark and Sweden. Then we embarked towards Finland and crossed it all up to Lapland and Norway (where we encountered our friends Trolls …).
On the way back we travel along all norwegian fjords and reached the capital, Oslo.
Then through Sweden, Denmark and Germany again we descended down to Italy.

So set your kilometers to zero and … let’s go!