Alaska 2009 Overview

Alaska is a name that evokes a legendary distance, may seem more mythical than real: a wilderness inhabited by bears, moose, wolves, and a spectacular landscape of bare mountains, misty forests, tundra and windswept glaciers that descend into the sea. A kingdom of snow, ice and perennial cold.
The Great Land of great and endless adventure, a fascinating blend of wild and civilized, of traditional and modern, climate and various landscapes.
The reason of so wild is clear: it is a rugged region, so sparsely populated.
Although it is the largest of North American States, with its 1,717,854 square kilometers has only 627,000 inhabitants, of whom more than half (359,000) live in the city of Anchorage, making it the largest urban reality of the state but not the capital, securities held by Juneau urban reality much smaller with 30,700 inhabitants.
Alaska is the land of giant mountains, mount McKinley is the highest mountain in all of North America; huge parks, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve, the biggest park in the United States and the many glaciers all between abundance of wildlife, active volcanoes, taiga, tundra and foamy rivers.
Our adventure to explore the Great Land has gone from Anchorage and then follows the footsteps of the Bears of Hallo Bay, in search of the great mountains and wildlife of Denali National Park, coming to visit the great cities of the north to Fairbanks. Then get out and relive the lives of miners in the great Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.